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Midnight Blue "Live Recordings" 2018-2019


CD #1: Best Of 2018 Selected songs from shows performed at the San Gregorio General Store, Pescadero and The Summit House Beer Garden, Los Gatos.

CD #2: Fresh Brew, Live at Highway 1 Brewing Co.: August 11th, 2019.

Donations of $15 are requested for CDs Donations of $10 are requested for downloads.


Our Live digital recordings were done at the gigs and capture the emotion and spirit of the moment and share our love of playing FOR YOU our Fans, Friends, Family!


We record on either a Zoom H2Q, and/or Zoom H4 stereo recorder. We mastered and mixed our tapes on a MacBook Pro using Garage Band, and burned individual MP3-CDs directly from iTunes on a MacBook Pro at our home studio in Palo Alto, CA.

Our CDs and Downloads are limited-editions. All donations help us with production costs and sponsor free benefit concerts for the community.

To order CDs or Downloads, please email your request and we'll make arrangements for PayPal, Check payments.

Hideaway - 1:2:20, 5.26 PM
00:00 / 02:40
2018_11_10_KillingFloor@ SGGS - 1:2:20,
00:00 / 04:51