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April 4, Saturday

Pioneer Saloon

8:30- Close


Nashville Musicians

Tornado Relief


May 3, Sunday

(canceled due to covid)

M.S. Relief Fund

La Honda Community Center, La Honda, CA.

Berkeley Filmmaker's Screening & Film Festival

Berkeley, CA.

On 8/25/19 we co-hosted a successful

Benefit Concert for the Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Fund.

Why the Benefit?

On July 28th, at the close of the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, a lone gunman shot into the crowd and killed three (3) innocent people, including a 6-year-old boy, 13-year-old girl and 25-year-old man, and wounded 17 others. The tragic shooting is heartbreaking.

Shortly after that incident there were two other mass shootings, one in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.


We needed to show our support of our neighbors: Victims, Families, Friends and Community of Gilroy.


We put together this benefit concert to help stop the madness and restore a peaceful, mindful, hopeful world we can all live in together. 

That's why we came together for this benefit for the Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Fund and gathered estimated cash and in-kind donations totaling over $4,000.


- Live Music: Three (3) Bands & Guest Artists

- GilroyFoundation.org (for more details)

- Arts & Crafts Activities for Kids & Families

- Silent Auction & Raffle Fundraising

1 pm   - Opening Ceremony

            - Midnight Blue Bay Area

            - Danny Flax Trumpet Solo

            - (Amazing Grace)  


3 pm  - Karen & Rich Sanico - LeoMele

            - Na Pua Dancers

5 pm   - Ashbolt Stewart - Beats Workin'

           - Greg Machado

            - Midnight Blue Bay Area

7 pm - Closing Ceremony




We asked everyone to please donate directly to the victims through the Gilroy Foundation, a charitable organization chartered to help the community and specifically Garlic Festival Victims Relief.


Suggested donations $10 - $1000+ 

Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Fund


We held a Silent Auction & Raffle - the Prize Winners are:

Gay K. -  Autographed, 6-String Electric Guitar, ($150) Midnight Blue Bay Area

Mike L. - Gourmet Wine Basket ($150) recommendations and selections by Jennifer Plevel, Local Wine Expert. Lead Vocalist & Uke,  Sierra Gypsies, S.L.Tahoe

Sam - Bespoke SIA Whiskey, ($50) selected by Jennifer Plevel, Local Wine Expert. Lead Vocalist & Uke,  Sierra Gypsies, S.L.Tahoe

Nils D. - Gift Certificate for $100 to Bluestone Lane, (Australian inspired cafe), Los Altos

Tina H. - 6-Person Tapping & Tasting, $100 Freewheel Brewing Co., RWC.

Todd C.- Personal Training, $300 Adventure Ready Training, Palo Alto

Thanks again for all the talented artists and volunteers, Midnight Blue Bay Area


This is an on-going need and call for support. We will do our best to remember the victims at each show through the years and help them with their full recovery.


Currently, we estimate over 180 individuals have made donations, the silent auction, prize raffle, and in-kind donations we've estimated donations over S4,000.00.

The Gilroy Foundation is receiving donations daily and has raised over a million dollars total. They are helping nine (9) families and victims currently and adding more on a daily basis.

​Special thank you to Elizabeth, Keith, and The Highway 1 Brewing Co. Team for co-hosting and feeding the artists and musicians. We couldn't have done this without your fantastic generosity. We are grateful for your food and beverages and use of your venue in support of the Benefit Concert for the Gilroy Garlic Festival Victims Relief Fund.

Highway 1 Brewing Co.

5720 Cabrillo Hwy., Pescadero, CA., 94060


Enjoy the Best of California Coastside, Outdoor Patio Dining, Delicious Foods, BBQ, and Fresh Craft Beers!

Please support our amazing sponsors -- visit them often and buy their services and products -- tell them Midnight Blue sent you!



Miracles Happen.

The Benefit was originally conceived and planned a few days after similar incidents happened in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio and the Gilroy Garlic Festival incident was being buried in the news of the more recent tragedies.


We felt there has to be a way to stand up for our freedom against gun violence tyranny and do something to make it a better, more hopeful world for the victims' sake.


Elizabeth & Keith Come To The Rescue!

Only by the grace of Elizabeth and Keith, the owners of the Highway 1 Brewing Company in Pescadero, CA., that a perfectly suitable venue was found and we were able to move the benefit concert there.

It was a combination of serendipity and great luck that their Highway 1 Brewing Co. BBQ and Craft Brewery, and outdoor patio and covered performance stage was even available at all.


Midnight Blue had performed there on August 11th, and we knew they would make a great spot, if available.


Highway 1 Brewing Co. is usually booked every Sunday throughout the year. The only open date on their busiest summer schedule was 8/25!


There was also a connection with neighbors in the Santa Cruz mountains community who were wounded at the Garlic Festival.


Additionally, all the artists and musicians were still available and willing to perform at the new venue.


Even the weather cooperated. The morning's "thick as soup" coastal fog, chilly blustery winds dissipated "on cue" to provide sunny, blue skies just as the first performers took to the stage and stayed perfect for the whole show.